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Some Manga recs

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:26 pm    Post subject: Some Manga recs Reply with quote
I actually read some stuff that you may find interesting--

Hanzo no Mon - A manga by Kazuo Koike (the author of 'Lone Wolf and Cub', among others) dealing with the relationship between Ieyasu and Hanzo Hattori.
It's an interesting interpretation of the Sengoku times' most historically troublesome bits (Nobuyasu's seppuku, Takeda Shingen's death) as a ninja deal.
It also promotes the weird theory according which Hideyoshi was Nobunaga's shinobi, in a Ieyasu/Hanzo - Nobunaga/Hideyoshi's parallel.
This also performs a wonderful portrayal of Akechi Mitsuhide, also if he's just a minor character in the whole story.
Since it's a gekiga, it's full of pointless sex scenes, but I could bear with it.

Online reading: (complete)

Sengoku - by Hideki Miyashita, one of my personal favourites.
It follows the misadventures of Sengoku Gonbei Hidehisa under Hideyoshi orders.
It's a faithful portray of the fighting techniques of the time, full with technical infos and notes about the "historically correct" thing.
I think it performs one of the most faithful portray of Nobunaga.
I know the author is also working on a "prequel" about Okehazama battle, but unfortunately I don't have any source of it.

Online reading: (ongoing)

Shigurui - by Takayuki Yamaguchi, based on a novel of Norio Nanjo ("Tournament at Sunpu Castle").
This one is gory and probably a tad too cruel, but DAMN, I love its grottesque portray of Edo samurai's ethics D':
It's about the revenge of two ex-fellow students of the same sword master (Kogan), the stoic Gennosuke and the ambitious Seigen, against each other.

Online reading: (ongoing)
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