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FREE ONLINE COURSE- Ninjitsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:04 am    Post subject: FREE ONLINE COURSE- Ninjitsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply with quote
Dear Dale, was founded by internet marketer Anthony Fore to publicly expose Ninjitsu as taught by V.M. Ashida Kim. This knowledge could only be found in Ashida's Florida Ryu and was passed down to it's high ranking members after a given amount of time. After some debate Ashida Kim agreed to allow the publishing of these underground Ninjitsu works.

V.M. Ashida Kim has studied Ninjitsu all around the world. Ashida has also worked in Hollywood and appeared in movies such as Armageddon and American Ninja. He created much controversy and upset in the martial arts community by appearing masked in his secret revealing texts -- though later unmasked himself to show he truly has nothing to hide.

What Is It To Be A Ninja?

There are two characteristics that distinguish the Sage or Superior Man throughout Chinese history - awareness and spontaneity.

Awareness comes from understanding and that requires an accurate perception of Reality. If the Mind is clouded, perception is distorted and informed, intelligent decisions cannot be arrived at, regardless of how logical the thought processes may be.

Spontaneity is the ability to "think outside the box," and use creativity and imagination to cope with the "slings and arrows of outrageous" Reality and to be able to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the Universe.

Memory and Imagination are the tools. Illusion and Delusion the enemy.

Ninjitsu Ryu seeks to fight Illusion and Delusion through knowledge and philosophy. Our teachings when put into practice creates the Superior Man, and in this case, the Ninja.

The Ninja is more than silent a assassin. S/he is a mystic-warrior, a true mind-slayer who knows the only true enemy is the self. Here you'll learn to master yourself and in turn master the world.

Basic Mental and Physical Requirements to be Ninja

The word Ninja means different things to many people. Here, we think of and define the Ninja as the true Mystic-Warrior. One who has full self control over his mind and is the master of his universe.

First of all you must have a burning to desire to know. Without this root desire to know the secrets of Ninja, of the Superior Man, you will not have the necessary motivation to last through these teachings. What you'll find here is not mere entertainment but rather practical magic and techniques for mastering the mind and body.

MENTALLY if you don't have a burning desire to know the deepest, darkest secrets the Ninja than perhaps you ought to do some reading about the appearance of the Ninja throughout history. Further you should be reminded today's modern Ninja is found working in the CIA as highly training spy in foreign country and is relatively invisible to the general public. Additionally you should be reminded assassination and covert ops happen every day, from moment-to-moment and just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't taking place.

The desire to know is a reaction which springs forth from external stimulation. Pictures of ancient Ninja weapons, techniques and tactics will all be talked about and lightly exposed in this 7 day training course. Our goal is to further education and motivate you into buying our full course. While making a profit helps us pay the bills and feed the dog, our real goal is to elimination Illusion and Delusion from the world -- if only one person at a time.

You see, your good deeds will spread out like ripples on a pond and eventually come back to you like an echo from a canyon.

PHYSICALLY you need to be prepared to re-invest some of your time in to yourself. You must sacrifice a certain amount of time each day away from you normal personality activities and have the courage to change. It does take courage for that, because people fear change. To change takes courage -- and your life will shrink or expand in direct relation to the amount of courage you manifest from day to day.

So let's recap: Mentally you must be motivated to know the secrets that have been kept from you and physically you must be prepared to re-invest your time into attempting the practices outlined in this course.

Understand? Good. Moving on to our first exercise....

Mental Exercise: Reframing Into The Ninja Mindset

What comes next will initially come as a disappoint to those who are profoundly asleep at the wheel. 99% of you are profoundly asleep, living in a dream from moment-to-moment. You fantasize about the secrets you'll uncover, about invisibility, the ability to kill and assassination and imagine the power or feeling you'll gain from having said information.

You consider the past, recalling your disappointments, recalling your victories, replaying scenes from your favorite movies in your mind, always living in the past or the future. Thinking of things lost, things said, things to come, places to go, things to do.... you are dreaming. Your consciousness is profoundly asleep and if you recall what separates the Superior Man from the intellectual bi-pedals mistakeningly called a human, is awareness.

How can you be aware of yourself if you are always day dreaming? If you are always following your feet doing the same thing you did the day before? How can you be self-aware if you are living vicariously through movies and television all your life? How can you be self aware from moment to moment when all you do is relive the same day over and over, failing to ever step on to the revolutionary path of self discovery and enlightenment?

Can you remember how many times you took a breath in the last minute? Four breathes? Where you breathing shallow or deep? What about the muscles in your back? Are they relaxed or full of tension? Are you self aware of your physical posture and correcting it accordingly or are you allowing nature to run it's course on you?

These are the moment to moment questions a self aware person begins to ask himself. If you think you are aware you are not. Because thinking is an act of dreaming in its self. To be aware is to observe and observation can only when your mind is silent and serene.


The goal of this exercise to cultivate an understanding of consciousness, a.k.a. awareness.

1. Look at the clock and mentally give yourself 15 minutes to re-invest in yourself for the sake of awareness, greatness and personal power and development. Realize it might be the most important 15 minutes you spend all day.

2. In a quite area where you will not be disturbed, sit in a comfortable position, western style in a chair or eastern style on the floor with legs crossed.

3. Systematically beginning with your toes relax each muscle in your body one at a time. Breath in while focusing the thought on the feet, breath out while relaxing the toes releasing all tensions. Breath in while moving the awareness to the calve muscles, breath out while you allow the tension to leave your body.

Accept this new feeling of relaxation as you move on to the thighs, the hip flexors, the buttox, the stomach and lower back, the chest and upper back, the shoulders, biceps, forearms, fingers and finally the muscles in the face. Within 12 breathes you should be totally relaxed yet mentally alert.

4. Place your tongue on the palate (roof) of your mouth. This connects the Grand Central Nervous system to the Sympathetic Nervous System.

5. Keeping the body fully relaxed, the hands in a comfortable position on your lap, the spine erect and the tongue on palate turn your attention inward. Focus on your breath. Notice as the mind tries to pull your attention into the thoughts of the head and away from the heart and respiration. Become aware of this internal struggle for conscious attention. Keep the mind trained like a laser upon the breath for as long of the 15 minutes as possible.

There is no special counting that needs to be done for this exercise. There is no mantra or image to focus on. Simple sit quietly and observe the internal battle between mind, breath and body. Notice these three centers take turns sharing your awareness. Notice as your awareness drifts from one to the other. From your thoughts to your breath, from your breath to the body aches of sitting still, from the aches back to the thoughts and finally back the breath again.

Things you will notice include: body aches, loss of attention to breath as your mind wonders, restlessness, impatience and frustration. This is normal and is exactly what is supposed to happen. These are all good signs, they are emotions communicating that you have amazing potential. If you experience none of these and your awareness stays upon your breath for the entire 15 minutes without wavering than you have a strong will -- but no awareness.

To succeed in this practice you do not need to have the awareness focused on any of the three areas -- breath, mind or body. Rather you need to reach the emotion of resolve.

If you finally achieve resolve, and you allow yourself to simple "be" in the moment observing the breath, observing the mind, and observing the body without associating with any of them -- you have reached awareness.

Awareness comes when fascination, illusion and delusion disappears. None of these things can be annihilated by reading this text. Nor by any other text. You must practice. You must become a spiritual athlete. And like all things, we must begin with the basics. This is the basic exercise for cultivation of awareness.

I remain,
Anthony Fore

Coming Up Tomorrow:

Creating The Total Warrior : Mind/Body/Spirit

Mental Exercise to Begin Accumulating Consciousness

Thats the first lession when I started the Online course
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Here are some Ninjutsu teachers.
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